Skytec provides architects and interior designers, entrepreneurs and contractors with quality design services

Skytec, owned and managed by Amit Nitzan, previously operated under the name Brisol, as the exclusive representative of Brisol from France, a world-renowned brand in the field of stretch ceilings.

 In 2014, due to the company's expansion and entering into further areas, such as personally designed lighting, and importing other various products and brands, the company has changed its name to Skytec.

Skytec is well known as having extremely high standards regarding the raw materials that we use, the level of meticulousness in keeping to schedules, and is known of course in its standards of service, performance and design.

Since the cessation of the representation and marketing of Brisol's products in Israel by us, Skytec represents suppliers who enable us to provide our clients with a rich and versatile range of products. Skytec has an accumulated body of knowledge spanning 3 decades in its field and vast experience with erecting elaborate and complex projects, as well as in finding creative solutions for innovative demands.

All of which is designed to grant our clients with the best service possible over time.

Skytec operates in two main fields:


                                                  Stretched Ceilings and Acoustic Ceilings

  • Smart sheets, stretched between visible or hidden profiles.

These sheets provide an aesthetic coating for blemishes and for foundations, give a notable acoustic quality and allow designing and creating a space in any desired form. Skytec imports and installs particularly high standard sheets, which last for years and maintain their original shape and color even after a long period of time.


·                                                    Unique Lighting Solutions

  • Personally designed lighting fixtures, lighting sculptures, light transmitting, color changing ceilings and more.




Our stretched ceilings and lighting products are much more than raw material:

Architects and Designers Our stretched ceilings allow you to realize your dreams. Solving acoustic dilemmas without compromising on the appearance of the spaces. Changing halls and rooms beyond recognition, providing a feeling of depth and of height without removing any walls. Offering a meticulous and unique look with the strectching of just one sheet.

Entrepreneurs and Contractors Skytec's capabilities, experience and expertise are at your disposal and allow you to work your magic. Providing quality solutions while working on a tight schedule, making your job easier while maintaining a professional uncompromising high standard.


Our unique ceilings and lighting products can be seen inside hotels, restaurants and shopping malls, within vestibules and halls, in swimming pools, offices and residential houses.

40 million square meters of ceilings, thousands of projects and 28 years of flawless reputation.

The people of Skytec have made Barrisol Israel the leading brand and a generic name in the world of stretched ceilings. We intend to keep being market leaders and serve as a source of inspiration and studying for many professionals in our field.